DEMAFLEX SAS is a company born from the intuition of Mr. Mario De Gaetano


DEMAFLEX SAS is a company born from the intuition of Mr. Mario De Gaetano who, accessori impianti oleodinamici in October 2006, decided to join RIME srl created in 1980 where it dealt with the repair of construction machinery operating in the hydraulic sector of pumps and concrete mixers, this new associated service has allowed the company to expand and acquire new customers. yarivrinot

Since September 2010, with the entry of his son Marco, entering the supply of seals, accessories, valves and pipes for compressed air and other specific products, arttable he specializes in the hydraulic , pneumatic and automotive sectors.

Thanks to the technical skills of its team and partners, DEMAFLEX SAS has grown and consolidated itself more and more in the market over the years. click-click

To date it is able to offer highly qualified immediate services in the supply of industrial gaskets , flexible hoses both high and low pressure , valves, SAE, DIN, il-health etc. fittings: both for hydraulic systems and for special uses, fittings and accessories for grease, pneumatics and automation.

Furthermore, it is organized to satisfy every type of wholesale need for the retail tax and over-the-counter supply of all its products; health-center is also able to supply rigid pipes for hydraulic circuits – E235+N EN10305-4 both galvanized and stainless steel.

It is reported in the National Register of State aid referred to in art. 52 of law 234/2012 contains the aid received by our company during the 2020 financial year. It can be freely consulted by entering the company tax code at the following link:


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